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Stop the march of a dream

Hi folks!

I’m not sure that all of you can understand this post, but unfortunately, I announce the “stop” (not the end) of the “Deep Set of the Week” ( and my share of the sets using this channel/blog.

The due date to stop the share in the blog is the next 14/04/2017, with the last publish of #TheDeepSetOfTheWeek

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Nigel Stately – @nigelstately

Nigel StatelyToday I like to present to Nigel Stately but, the better presentation is his Soundcloud profile text…

Nigel Stately was born in 1985 in Budapest, Hungary.

The thought of playing music came at an early age, he built his career step by step, working hard.
He started to create promo-mixes in different music styles like deep house, nu disco, chill out, progressive house and tech house.
That brought him the real success Since 2016 he became resident dj of Hungary’s biggest radio station, the 89.5 Music Fm. Nigel is the radio station’s deep house dj.

At the year of 2010 he started his own creation with the name of DEEP CAFÉ, that opened the borders to abroad. He represents himself in many hungarian clubs as resi-dent dj, like Tesla Budapest or the famous Badgirlz.

In 2015 he nominated in the hungarian classy professional Balantine’s Music Awards in two categories ( mainstream dj of the year and underground dj of the year).

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Say-B – (Sebastian Kortmann)

Say-BFrom Rostock, Germany arrives Say-B

He presents himself on Facebook with a Victor Hugo’s quote:

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

I will put on this entry his musical trajectory directly from his biography of Facebook. Who better to talk about himself?.

About 6 or 7 years ago he liked hardcore music, Thunderdome style, and this has influenced in he. From hardcore he passed to trance and 90’s trance compilations with compulsory purchases of these. Later, he takes the Hands Up phase such DJ’s like Rocco, Bass-T Pulsedriver and Special D.
For a few years he is feeling attracted more and more the Deep House and Melodic House music and this is reflected in most of his sets again.

I love and just live for the music and make for some years already sets for friends and appreciate any positive feedback on what I get.

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Alex Cruz – @djalexcruz

Alex CruzAgain directly from Amsterdam, Netherlands arrived to the site Alex Cruz three weeks ago like #TheDeepSetOfTheWeek.

He started his musical career joint with Ramon aka Dzemmas like a DJ at school parties. They reached the number 1 position in a DJ contest in Amsterdam and after that we decided to combine their deejay-ing with producing records under the name of Stone Factory.

Well known and played by all big deejays worldwide our name was set. “Sunset” and “Saint & Sinner” grew out into big club hits. Sony’s Playstation used the track “Sunset” on one of their games as well.

In cooperation with several musicians, he is back into releasing vinyl again. The last 2 releases made it to the top 20 on Beatport in the House Top 100. Alex Cruz & Castro-Like That and Alex Cruz & Castro-La Femme Fatale. He is  known by the Groovy tunes with latin influences and the more funky progressive house style of nowadays.

Today he is the resident DJ of Taste-iT parties ( and the Soho in Amsterdam).

Currently, he has more of 41,000 followers on SoundCloud.  He has a YouTube channel too. You can download his “Deep & Sexy Podcasts” directly on Facebook links.

My aim is this: to give every visitor of the party where I play, an unbelievably great evening. Music should give people a free feeling, away from the hectic life.

[Source: Dj Guide]

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Sam Feldt – @SamFeldtMusic

Sam FeldtFrom Amsterdam, Netherlands arrives to the site Sam Feldt.

He is a well known DJ on Deep House scene and has signed with Spinnin’ Records his theme “Show me love”, based on the 90’s classic dance sound.

His particular mix style preferring vocal themes, searching good transitions, make of it a particular signature. His sets are very melodic and relaxing, having a good selection of the themes that composed it. He has collaborated with other DJs to compose themes, like Dennis Kruissen, Bloombox, De Hofnar, Kav Verhouzer,…

Currently, he has 68,648 followers on SoundCloud. You can find “tropic” & “melodic” Deep House sets in his profile.

Sam, I share my passion for good music too 🙂

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Daniel B. – @D_a_n_i_e_l_B

Daniel B.Last week, I choose to post a mixtape of Daniel B. like a #TheDeepSetOfTheWeek. Daniel Bohn is from Bochold, Germany. He began mixing music at home for fun in 2009.

His music genre is focused on Dreamhouse, Deep House, Chillout. At this time, he has more than 7000 followers on SoundCloud and 14 Mixtapes.

His sets have a good selection of themes falling in melodic mixes. On his followers (on SoundCloud), we can find people of the Deep House like Blondee (German DJ & producer), Vijay Zlatko (Belgium) or Ensaime (Italy).

Daniel, continues doing your magnificent mixtapes for us 🙂

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