2017 / 01 / 05  ]

Hi folks!

Happy New Year!

Ok, is the time to “loading a new year”… to can have a better Deed House Archive of the Sets, I have changed the Sets of the SoundCloud playlist #DeepHouseWeekSet to a new playlist archive named DeepHouseWeekSet (Archive 2016).

In order for you can find it easier from the blog, I have created a new section named SoundCloud Playlists where you can see all of my playlists used here.


2016 / 11 / 15  ]

Hi guys!

I have moved a part of tracks of the #DeepHouseWeekSet to a new playlist in SoundCloud: DeepHouseWeekSet (Archive 2015)

The reason of it, is the limit of tracks per playlist in SoundCloud… it is 500 tracks per playlist.


2016 / 09 / 02  ]

Hi folks!

Perhaps you saw that I don’t post sets every day… Apologies, but currently my job have me very busy 😦

I glad to will try to post and share with you, all the sets that I can go listening, but this is not ever possible…

Be patient friend!

2015 / 08 / 03  ]

Closed for vacations… see you soon!

I created the #DeepHouseBreakTime category to add in it all of the schedule sets on my break. This is the same that the #DeepHouseWeekSet but while I will not publish anything in the #TheDeepSetOfTheWeek, I prefer separate it.

2015 / 07 / 01  ]

Currently I have a lot of work and I’ve not time to complete The DJ’s corner of the site…excuse me 😦
I try to update it ASAP


2015 / 06 / 30 ]

In a few occasions you can see this (ugly) message in the site:

My apologizes for it, but I haven’t the possibility to discover it for to change it. SoundCloud is a very nervous pet 😛


2015 / 05 / 21  ]

Changed the theme to obtain a better visualization of the site.

From this time, all the “#DeepHouseWeekSet” entries, are only in “text mode”. It’s to loading faster.

Only 7 entries are shown in the pages of the site. The rest is in “Older post” link at the end on the pages.

2015 / 04 / 06  ]

The The DJ’s corner page, shows only the DJ’s into the “#TheDeepSetOfTheWeek”  section.





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